my cheebs are so inconsistent haha ha ha…

People have been asking me how I make the outline effect on my coloring, so here’s my silly roundabout way of doing it in Photoshop! (You can also use the PS wet edges brush setting or SAI’s fringe brush setting.)

You can read more about the color block layer here

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1. I have slender hands and wrists (great references for mochijun-style hands)

2. I’m a good cook! 

3. apparently I move gracefully 

4. I look younger than my age!!

5. I’m pretty good at ballroom dancing?? (or I can pick up moves quickly, at least)

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I will stand by your side. 

FUNNY STORY when I was little I had a Jasmine doll and I wanted to play out a marriage ceremony so Jasmine married Mr. Peter, my beanie rabbit. and they lived happily ever after UNTIL the doll got so old her head rolled off and I had to throw her away. the rabbit still lives though ._.


(based on the Wonderland deedum merch)

Were you the one who made that picture of Raven puking up rainbows? And Gil had sunglasses.

No no no anon, you’re thinking of numi's beautiful masterpiece~

Finally, some closure to the Noise/Echo/Doldee kerfuffle! Thank you hebigami for the camera pics and summary! 

wada doodles!!!

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