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My memories. My mistakes. My scars. My past. My future. I won’t let you have a single one of them! 

april fool

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Wave, PH chapter is in English now, I'm waiting for your fan art :D

haha I’m not really the input-chapter output-fanart artist you’re thinking of! I just got back from spring break and am catching up with work OTL but I’ve read Retrace 92 and hope to share some ideas with all of you soon! 

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1. Red eyes | Artist: wavily 

2. Iris | Artist: wavily

Please do not edit fanart and post it without the source! 


Decided to speed up an old livestream clip showing how I usually color hair/clothes. Please excuse the quality and lack of music D: It doesn’t show my cleanup/detailing but hopefully this helps! You can view the final drawing here and some notes about transparency locking here

Pandora opened the box and all the illnesses and hardships hidden within it flew out, just as the gods had intended. 

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Wave! pandora hearts chapter is now in english at fallen syndicate.

Time to bust out thinky fanart!!

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